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Below I have placed a number of interesting links to ham radio sites that I have discovered while surfing the Web.


American Radio Relay League Canadian Internet Hams Radio Amateurs of Canada Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment NL7J Amateur Radio Page

American Radio Relay League
This site features a wealth of information about the American Radio Relay League. Included is information about how to become a member of ARRL, how to get started in ham radio, information about contests and awards and ARRL products and services. This is a must see for beginners in Amateur Radio.

Canadian Internet Hams
A growing site of Canadian Amateur Radio enthusiasts who also frequent the Internet and/or have Web Pages. You can sign up to have your name and call sign registered in the Internet Ham Database. Visit this site and take a look.

Radio Amateurs of Canada
The Radio Amateurs of Canada is a site dedicated to Canadian Amateurs. Lots of information about band planning and Amateur Radio in Canada. Also included is information how to become a radio amateur in Canada.

Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment
Find out more about SAREX, an experiment to use amateur radio equipment on board the space shuttle to inform students with space and radio.

NL7J Amateur Radio Page
Ths site, among other things related to Ham Radio, has lots of information about Slow Scan TV.

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