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This is my biography Well, where is Yellowknife, you ask? A little bit of history Nunavut Contact me

This is my biography

My name is Joseph LaFerla and I live in Yellowknife, NT, Canada.
I work for the Government of the Northwest Territories. This is a link to the home page of the Department of Finance

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Well, where is Yellowknife, you ask?

Yellowknife lies in the Northern part of Canada in the Northwest Territories which lies above the 60th parallel. The NWT covers an area two-thirds the size of Canada

[Yellowknife from the air]

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A little bit of history

The Northwest Territories was created out of the former territories called Rupertsland. The existing landmass was created in 19-- after the new territory of Yukon was split off the former Northwest Territories.
The Northwest Territories is scheduled to be split into two separate territories on April 1, 1999. The eastern territory will be called Nunavut and the western part still has to be given a name.

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Choose this link for an interesting trip through Canada's Land of the Inuit

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Contact me

You can drop me a line if you wish. Click here

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