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I was born in Malta. This is a small island in the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. The island has about 350,000 inhabitants. The two main languages spoken on the island are Maltese and English. Maltese is a mixture of Arab, Lebanese, Hebrew and Italian. Believe it or not, those four languages combine to form one, complete with its own poetry, literature and those other things that make up a language.


This is the official flag of Malta Links to Maltese Sites

This is the official flag of Malta

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Links to Maltese Sites

I have listed below a number of links to Maltese sites and to sites containing information about Malta. Malta is one of those places which you do not hear much about or have lots of questions about. These sites will answer most of those questions in one way or another. While you are at it, try and learn the Maltese language. It is quite a challenge.

[Cafe Malta ] [Joe Farrugia's Malta and Gozo Islands in the Sun ] [Grazio's Virtual Malta ] [MaltaWeb ] [The Ultimate Maltese Link Site ]

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Cafe Malta
This is a place to meet and communicate with other Maltese people and people interested in the Maltese Islands.

Joe Farrugia's Malta and Gozo Islands in the Sun
Take a look at this one for a site with great pictures of the Maltese Islands. It is really a joy.

Grazio's Virtual Malta
Visit this site to view a wealth of information about Malta. Grazio has grouped information about Malta into several categories and I guarantee it will take you quite a while to get through it all. When you do, you will have a good idea of what Malta is all about! Happy surfing!

This site is located in Malta itself. Some great information included, as well as some wonderful images to download for your collection.

The Ultimate Maltese Link Site
Antoine Zammit has done wonders with this site. Visit and see for yourself.

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